Position Summary

Tau Films is looking for an Animator who will be doing character animation (body animation as well as lip synch). In addition to this you might also need to create camera motion, move inanimate objects, animatics which include layout and rough blocking for previsualization purposes. Note - Covid 19 pandemic has made it necessary for Tau Films(all locations) to shift our operations entirely to remote work platforms for the time being.

Expected Skills and Experience

  • Strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, or sculpture, etc.)
  • Should be trained in classical animation or have exp. in Classical animation.
  • Experience using Maya & solid understanding of animation production pipelines
  • Good acting skills / basic training in acting.
  • Knowledge of using Mocap data & experience in stop motion animation.
  • Clear understanding of rigging fundamentals.
  • Experience in a production environment as Character Animator / Facial Animator.
  • Previous experience Animating in feature film, commercials or animation production - ideally realistic creatures or characters
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems independently
  • Excellent English communication skills (written & verbal) to work well in a team and take direction from clients, directors etc.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Animating realistic and stylised Characters and Creatures for VFX and full CG projects.
  • Responsible for producing high-quality realistic and stylised animation for our clients advertising projects.
  • Working closely with other CG/VFX Artists, across multiple locations to deliver the highest quality work
  • Help deliver projects of varying visual style, photo -real or non-photo-realistic looks.

Regarding demo reels

  • Demo reels should showcase your understanding of animation principles such as squash-and-stretch, overlapping action, anticipation, follow-through, weight, timing, etc.
  • Demonstrate acting skills, Lip-syncing examples are also helpful in addition to walk cycles and life drawings.
  • Reel should demonstrate diversity in animation styles, ranging from highly realistic motion to a more exaggerated "cartoony" style.

About Tau Films

Founded by John Hughes, Mandeep Singh, and Walt Jones in 2014, Tau Films is an international creative content and visual effects group formed by a diverse team of exceptional artists and visionaries. We are known for creative solutions in an ever-changing landscape of story, media, and content, and we service high-end feature film, theme park, commercial, television, special venue, and museum clients in the global marketplace. You may check out our website for more information.