Lead Pipeline Developer

We are looking to expand our development team spread across Malaysia and Hyderabad studio. During the current period of Covid related lockdown, this will start as a remote position, but transition to onsite when the office reopens in respective countries. If you are interested in an opportunity, read on.

What you can look forward to:

  • A platform to learn and share your skills(not just coding skills) with the rest of the team and the organization.
  • Opportunity to explore a polyglot Tech Stack.
  • Code to your heart’s content while you work alongside some of the top creative minds in the industry
  • You are in total control of your growth in our organization.

You will:

  • Be an active participant in shaping Tau Films’ future pipeline.
  • Analyze and document what you have learned for others who walk the path after you.

Coming to the Tech Stack, we mostly code in Python as most content creation applications we use in our industry have a matured Python API and Python just fits our need for rapid prototyping. We also have web apps and services that our end-users interact with, on a daily basis.

If everything sounds good so far, here is what an ideal candidate would need to possess

  • Minimum 4+ years of experience.
  • A strong foundation in computer science.
  • Passionate about coding and love to solve problems
  • You love collaborating with other developers on evaluating your ideas and implementing them.
  • You have some amount of cross-platform development experience.
  • You have some experience with relational databases.
  • An ability to differentiate between a good and bad design with your reasoning to back it up.
  • Strong communication skills with a team centric approach to discussion and decision making.

We use the following Developer Tools/SaaS/PaaS offerings to get our job done.

  • Pycharm/VS Code
  • Bitbucket
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Miro
  • AWS
  • Slack
  • Shotgun

We are a distributed studio with locations across different time zones, so you would be required to collaborate with other developers from a different site as well as help out our remote artists who might be working from a studio location different than yours.

About Tau Films

Founded by John Hughes, Mandeep Singh, and Walt Jones in 2014, Tau Films is an international creative content and visual effects group formed by a diverse team of exceptional artists and visionaries. We are known for creative solutions in an ever-changing landscape of story, media, and content, and we service high-end feature film, theme park, commercial, television, special venue, and museum clients in the global marketplace. You may check out our website for more information.